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About Southern Spells

Southern Spells creates magical tools for living; guiding people to connect with themselves and the mystery of life on their own terms. She’s here to take the stiffness out of self-help and the superstition out of spirituality.

Southern Spells is multifaceted in nature, incorporating tarot, meditation, creative writing and transpersonal counseling into her offerings. She reads and teaches tarot through the lenses of pop culture, mental health and mysticism, and shares personal stories on the occult of it all.

Southern Spells is all about embracing the fun, strange, and profound pieces of being a spiritual seeker. Otherwise, what’s the fucken point?

You don’t have to figure out your path on your own. We’re in this shit together.

Occult, but not-so-culty.

About Sophia

Sophia Somerville is a Sydney-based writer, tarot practitioner and creator behind Southern Spells. She has been a student of tarot since 2014, supporting a close-knit community of clients through tarot readings, coven meetings and healing sessions over the past four years. Her approach to the esoteric is influenced by her lived experience as a highly sensitive person (and witch) living with anxiety, depression and codependency, alongside her studies in creative writing, yoga and transpersonal energy counseling.

Let’s work together.

We operate on unceded Gadigal land. We pay respect to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander elders past, present and future.