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I created Southern Spells: a safe haven for mystical and multifaceted creatives to heal their relationships.

For the longest time I believed that my connection to myself and my relationships with others were at odds, ping-ponging between forgetting and remembering who I was.

In my teens and early twenties I experienced a pattern of enmeshed friendships, often saying yes when I meant no and betraying my need for space. While I loved and valued my friends, I felt pulled between the extremes of giving my energy to others and spending time in solitude, where my imagination ran wild and my energy filled the room. This left my self esteem fractured and pulled in many directions. Over the years I developed cumulative health issues, including cystic acne, chronic colds, bulimia, amenorrhea, dyspareunia, anxiety and digestive issues. Although I wanted to be free of these symptoms, ‘being sick’ became my way to avoid the overwhelming anxiety I felt around others. I didn’t yet feel safe enough to own my need for space on its own, without making my health the scapegoat. As my body’s signals grew louder, I realised I could not continue living in this way. But I felt stuck, confused about how I could possibly create the change I wanted. I knew I needed support.

Over a 7 year process of personal healing - which led me to the tarot as well as studies in creative writing, yoga and transpersonal energy counseling - I learned that I was a highly sensitive, empathic and codependent intuitive, with an individual set of needs. With the support of a mentor and healing group, I found safety in my body after a lifetime of dissociating, at long last releasing responsibility for other people’s emotions and learning to communicate vulnerably and set boundaries with clarity. I now have a deep and consistent connection with myself, one that allows me to enjoy harmonious relationships, a fulfilling creative practice, magical community, and a life that is mine.

I resonate with the struggles experienced by creative, sensitive people. It is my calling to support them in coming home to themselves and healing their relationships so they can create from a place of self-trust.


I live and work on unceded Gadigal land.
I pay respect to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander elders past, present and future.