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Southern Spells is an online sanctuary where art and mysticism meet. All offerings are grounded in a distinct Southern Hemisphere perspective.

Southern Spells houses personal collections of writing on healing, art, creativity and spirituality, alongside my offerings as a tarot reader, intuitive guide, and mentor.

I help creative, sensitive, multi-faceted humans remember who the fuck they are, so they can take up space and claim their power. Through transpersonal energy healing, tarot guidance and inner child healing, I hold space for you to come back to your body and build trust in your intuition, so you can create a life that feels like home.

I had to heal my fear of being seen in my sensitivity in order to understand my intuitive gifts and channel them into my work. I went from denying my energetic sensitivity in an attempt to ‘be normal’, to genuinely receiving sensitivity as a gift, allowing me to work and live from an intuitive place.

This process led me to address my need for creative expression. I went from repressing my creative ideas and compartmentalising them from my work as a tarot reader, to creating space for both to be part of my practice. When I gave myself permission to be a multi-dimensional, multi-passionate creator who embraced her contradictions, I finally felt free, fulfilled and deeply energised.

I connect with the struggles experienced by artistic, sensitive souls. It is a pleasure to support them in discovering and living in the creative freedom that is their birthright.


I work and live on unceded Gadigal land. I pay respect to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander elders past, present and emerging. I advocate the need to decolonise spiritual, wellness, and healing spaces, and recognise the part my work and I play in that ongoing process. The foundation of this is a commitment to paying the rent each month.