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I help empathic creators & destroyers build trust in their intuition, so they can channel their sensitivity into actualizing their creative desires.

I had to own being an empath before I found the gold within it. I went from denying my sensitivity in an attempt to fit in, to genuinely experiencing it as a gift and learning to set energetic boundaries (discerning what was mine and what was someone else’s).

This process led me to address my blocks around creative expression. I went from trying to please the world in my writing, to letting it be enough to please myself. When I gave myself permission to be guided by the tugs and sways of my inner compass, I found a new sense of fulfilment as a creator, one that wasn’t tied to other people’s expectations.

I connect with the struggles experienced by creative, sensitive people, and am moved to support them as they uncover their own versions of emotional and artistic freedom.

Southern Spells was borne from a desire to read about mystical shit from a Southern Hemisphere perspective. As a high-strung, low-key witch, I found a plethora of content online about working with tarot, the moon, astrological cycles and the wheel of the year from a distinctly northern hemisphere viewpoint. And while I found value and support there, it left me feeling unresolved - and kinda bummed. Where was our corner of the internet? How did we fit into the picture? 

The more I focused my attention on the seasonal and energetic shifts taking place in my *own* body and back-yard, the more I connected with folks who had similar gripes about being skipped over in spiritual communities. And with that I came to realise Southern Spells isn’t just about being from the ass-end of the planet. It’s about capturing the feeling of being different, opposite, hidden, weird, strange, and unfamiliar. It’s about owning up to the fact that spiritual communities can be a little too stiff and serious sometimes. I wanted a place that gave me permission to express the contradictions of being a spiritual seeker; that celebrated the earnest, hopeful, sceptical and silly, all in one place.

So I created it. And here we are. 

Welcome. Let’s get weird.