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Happy Cancer Season! From June 21 to July 22 we are under the solar influence of cancer, a cardinal water sign best known for its propensity to feel deeply, nurture freely, crave safety, and retreat into its crab shell when that sense of safety is threatened.
We are in the bowels of cancer season, watery as fuck and ruled by the chariot in the major arcana of the tarot. The chariot in most decks appears as a figure being carried forward by horses or reindeer, nestled in the comfort of a carriage. To me, this image represents the crossing of a threshold - almost like a graduation. Things are happening, energy is flowing, the pace is picking up. The character in the chariot is literally being carried from one place to the next. The question is, did they choose where they are going? This card asks us to check in with the direction of our lives, and serves to remind us that we are free to course correct at any time. There is also the sense that, in order to move onto the next card (strength) or stage of our journey, the figure must step out of the carriage and walk on foot. They must eventually learn to make strides on their own, without the reliance on the shell or crutch that got them this far. the chariot shows us we have the power to go very far in life, but that we must be willing to leave the comfortable nests that we've built around us. Onward!