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Elements of a Spell

Spells are self-created; you do not have to copy them from a book. Still, it can be helpful to learn the pillars of spellwork, and disover how you want to make them your own.

Spells work to transform your intention and emotion into a work of art, a magic release.

Together, the following four elements work to create the desired effect of internal movement. As Sarah Faith Gottesdiener says, ‘you will feel changed’ as a result of doing the spell.

Even though the larger results will likely take longer, there is a shift that happens simply from going through the motions of a spell that always make it a worthy endeavour.

To realise the power you possess - to change the way you feel, develop and deepen your spirituality, & channel emotions into your own particular magic - is a wonderful thing.

1. A clear Intention or Desire (eg. an object, outcome, change, relationship, achievement, goal, experience, ending, beginning, etc.)

2. An Emotion or Feeling, channeled in the moment (eg. excitement, anger, attraction, doubt, joy, or a combo)

3. An Action or Ritual (this can be as simple as lighting a candle or writing down your intention, and as elaborate as burning a letter to your ex or burying an object in your backyard)

4. Use of Symbol (eg. offering your spell up to a deity, tarot card, god/goddess, dedicating your intention to a person, animal, higher power or surrendering control over to nature itself - anything you like that involves something outside yourself)