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We are in virgo season, an earth sign that corresponds to the hermit card in the tarot. In most tarot decks, this card shows a solitary figure looking inward, yet guided forward by some kind of outside object or light. In the she wolfe tarot, that outside force is represented as the moon. This resonates with me personally, as I have been learning more about the moon's cycles and how to work with them over the past 9 months. For me, connecting on a deeper level with this planet (mainly through simply tracking the moon's cycles alongside my own life and moods) illuminates my inner world, as well as clarifies the collective energy around me. So often I have struggled to determine or express my own distinct feelings within the mess and roar of the outside world. Working with the moon allows me to make contact with my quiet authenticity and encourage that part of me to speak up, louder. At the same time, it fosters this natural connection to others, and invites me to honour that. I feel more in touch with life and community when I remember who I am. This is the message of the hermit. We must go in to connect out.

Image by Tyler Mitchell for Vogue