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A tarot card that has been coming up repeatedly in readings for clients @ orchardstclinic this month is The Hierophant. This card corresponds to the earth sign of Taurus, whose zodiacal season we find ourselves planted in the midst of right now.

The archetype of the Hierophant embodies the quest for truth and knowledge, divine guidance from a higher power or higher self, involvement in spiritual communities or religious institutions, and devotion to a particular field of study, career or spiritual path.

The point of the Hierophant is to teach us who we are, *really*. It's about reminding you that you're here to grow and change through cycles of learning. It's not to become fixated on a certain set of rules, or to know everything there is to know as quickly as possible, or to give all your power away to some guru on a pedestal. It's about filtering information through your particular lens, and getting to know your own language when it comes to your beliefs.

The wisdom of this time is to be found in looking at your life as it is *right now* as the teacher, one that is highlighting what needs your attention. The Hierophant points to what you have, and lets you decide what to keep, what to destroy, and what to ask for next.

The form the Hierophant takes isn't as important as it's purpose: to guide you back to the truth of who you are. Your Hierophant might be your cat, your therapist, your local museum, or Beyoncé. Take a look at your life. Notice where it's pointing.


Image: Lewis Hammond