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We are in libra season, and the tarot card that corresponds with this cardinal air sign is justice. This card embodies truth, balance, aesthetics, and the law. It speaks to the responsibility the individual holds to the collective, and vice versa. It is also a symbol of the relationship between things, of partnership, of the impact we have on other beings. This month will continue to bring up themes of cause and effect, and deep truths being voiced. Notice what is coming up for you around personal truths as well as your reactions to other's truths being expressed in the wider world. This is a good time to slow down a bit, and connect to beauty. I know for myself, I am in need of some art therapy - I am craving the solace of a painting or a film to replenish me at this time. Go with what feels good, harmonious, and right. Justice knows that truth and beauty are part of the same family.
Image via @rarerelaxation