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Happy Gemini Season! From May 21 to June 21 we are under the solar influence of the razor-sharp, notoriously fun and naturally communicative air sign of Gemini. Symbolised in the zodiac by the Twins, this sign appears in the Tarot in the Lovers card, as a couple. In traditional decks this is usually depicted as a man & a woman; in more progressive decks 2 men, 2 women, or non binary individuals, or even a single figure doubled.

The Lovers archetype speaks to your relationship with yourself. It asks you to take personal responsibility for loving the dark, light and shades of grey that exist within you. In the Lovers card, self love is a choice - an action taken. At this time, we as a collective are being invited to deepen our sense of self love - not through force or delusion, but through self reflection.

Use your relationships as mirrors, not as canvases on which to splash the paint of your ego’s projections. View your love or admiration of someone else as a reflection of the love you have for yourself.

To the Lovers, self love is self awareness. May your Gemini season be full to the brim with loving interactions, personal breakthroughs and piercing insights. I see you fam!! 

Image from Robert Altman's film 3 Women (1977)