TRUST YOUR MAGIC             

a 7-week mentorship for creators & destroyers


“Someone else's vision will never be as good as your own vision of your self. Live and die with it; 'cause in the end it’s all you have.” ―  Georgia O'Keeffe

-  Are you feeling creatively blocked?
-  Disconnected from your inner world?
-  Afraid of being seen in your creative gifts?

As a writer and an empath, I resonate with the struggles experienced by creative, sensitive people. I created this package for artists and to get clear on their creative vision and build supportive boundaries around it, so they can experience deep fulfillment.

This offering is for people who want ongoing guidance in their lives to (re)connect to their intuition, awaken their creative joy, and trust their gut-feelings, perhaps after a period of feeling ruled by their own scepticism. This package is particularly suited to writers, musicians, designers, artists, makers, entrepreneurs and creators who want to unearth a vision for their creative work and/or life.

This mentorship is a package of 7-sessions over 7-10 weeks, tailored to the individual needs of a client, and intended to support them in building their intuitive muscle. It incorporates Tarot with journaling exercises, energy work, human design and meditation. The first session is an in-depth Tarot Reading where we pull 6 cards, providing the focus and structure for each session, and there are bespoke guided meditations and journaling exercises that centre on each card’s theme and lesson.

It is a healing process that has some structure to it, and I leave a lot of space for the unknown, which is where our intuition thrives – both elements are important. The structure comes from the tarot reading and the journaling, meditation and grounding exercises that I teach you. Through that structured work, you will inevitably come up against blocks, which will reveal your core wounds. This is where the healing comes in, and it is unstructured. Here I hold space for you to safely feel into what is blocking you, and we move through it together, drawing upon the lessons of the Tarot as a guide.

The purpose of the mentorship is to unearth an authentic vision for your work / art / life, foster the courage to actualise it, and refine your ability to communicate your ideas and articulate your boundaries with clarity and confidence.

TRUST YOUR MAGIC provides the necessary support and accountability for you to stay true to your creative desires, and arms you with the tools to continue the work on your own. Whether you want support with a specific project or are hungry to live a more creatively fulfilling life, this mentorship was made for you. It’s a safe container in which to process the changes that come when you choose to please yourself first.

This package incorporates 1:1 support, tarot guidance, meditation, writing exercises and metaphysical tools to help you work through creative blocks and trust your innate gifts. The process will look like 6 x 1.5 hour sessions, plus 1 x 45-min followup session, with email support all the way through.

Because what is art without a little magic?


To find out more or get started, schedule a free 45-min clarity call so we can discuss your needs and you can ask your burning questions. I look forward to connecting with you! 


the mentorship package is tailored to each individual, but always includes:

+ An in-depth Tarot Reading to guide you through the entire 6-week journey.

+ Guided Meditations & Journalling Prompts to deepen each card’s theme and lesson.

+ Understanding your energetic blueprint through Human Design.

+ Tools for Grounding your body & accessing your Intuition.

+ Setting Boundaries around your time & creativity.

+ Meeting & dialoguing with your Future Self.

This offering is available in-person (Sydney) or online (Zoom video chat).
Total cost is $800 AUD. Payment plans are available.