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Mercury’s Angels

Mercury is (finally) direct. Time to pick up the pieces, gather your resources, and affirm who the fuck you are.

Mercury retrograde in Pisces opened up an immense portal of feeling. As we are released from the misty incubation of this transit, the energy starts to move from our bellies and hearts up to our throats and mouths. It is important to use our voices now. It is important to allow and create more space to express your self with ease.

One simple way to use your voice is by reciting affirmations. This is an opportunity to renew your commitment to yourself out loud.

You are enough. You are everything you’ve been waiting for. Reserve the right to speak yourself into softness, each and every sunrise.

Here are your tarot-inspired affirmations for Mercury's station direct on March 28. I recommend reading these aloud to yourself in the mirror for as little or as long as you like. Read for your sun, moon and rising signs, if you know all three.

ARIES: 10 OF CUPS / image from the Voyager Tarot.

I am my own community.
I embrace all parts of me.
When I commune with myself, I feel abundant.

TAURUS: 5 OF CUPS Image from Tarot de Saint Croix.

I am my own healer.
I tend to my wounds with grace.
When I am patient with my process, I am deeply comforted.

GEMINI: DEATH / Image from Tarot de Saint Croix.

I am my own transformation.
I am always growing and evolving.
When I love my metamorphosis, I thrive.

CANCER: KING OF SWORDS / image from Pagan Otherworld's Tarot.

I am my own leader.
My life is my manifesto.
When I let my words serve my intentions, I am authentic.

LEO: 4 OF CUPS / image from Rider Waite Smith Tarot.

I am my own Marie Kondo.
I pay careful attention to the details.
When I clear out what doesn’t serve my highest and best self, my life flows.

VIRGO: 8 OF WANDS / image from Thoth Tarot.

I am my own cheerleader.
I make moves with swift precision.
When I back myself, I soar.

LIBRA: THE TOWER / image from Inspirational Tarot.

I am my own revolution.
I bless and release the past.
When I let go of attachment to fixed outcomes, I am born anew.

SCORPIO: JUDGEMENT / image by Natalie Stowell.

I am my own divinity.
My heart is my anchor.
When I forgive myself, I experience pure love.

SAGITTARIUS: KING OF PENTACLES / image from Piedmontese Tarot.

I am my own guru.
I turn my experiences into lessons.
When I see the world as my teacher, I am in my purpose.

CAPRICORN: KING OF CUPS / image by Natalie Stowell.

I am my own parent.
I listen to my feelings.
When I hold space for myself, I feel whole.

AQUARIUS: QUEEN OF SWORDS / image from Fountain Tarot.

I am my own protector.
I know how to take care of my energy.
When I keep healthy internal boundaries, my external relationships blossom.

PISCES: 9 OF SWORDS / image from Rider Waite Smith Tarot.

I am my own alchemist.
I turn fear into wisdom.
When I embrace my fears, I feel understood.