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New Moon Tarotscopes

The March new moon asks you to integrate the lessons of 2019-thus-far with soft power and patience.
The astro weather is thick with Piscean energy. At this moment, Sun, Moon (new) and Mercury (retrograde) are in this dreamy, sensitive, soulful, creative, divine water sign. The last sign of the Zodiac. We are swimming in it right now. Whether you feel like you’re floating atop this watery wonderland or find yourself drowning in it’s waves, it is vital that we stay with it and let this Pisces moment carry us forward softly, tenderly, profoundly. Rather than rushing to escape or self-medicate. Drink plenty of water, plant your bare feet on the earth as often as possible, and let die want wants to die (metaphorically speaking).

These little deaths are for our personal and collective evolution. Rejoice in your endings. Bless your breakthroughs. Kiss your moments of rest. They are recharging your spirit.

I pulled a tarot card for each zodiac sign, to illuminate what you are being invited to examine during this Mercury retrograde period, which lasts from March 5 to March 28.. I recommend reading for your sun, moon and rising signs, if you know all three. Take what resonates, and leave the rest.

“Doing the best at this moment puts you in the best place for the next moment.” – Oprah Winfrey
Keep those close who inspire you to keep your eyes on your own work. Reject comparison and protect yourself from interference. You’re on a roll here – ride it out, milk it for what it’s worth. The dream scenario for you is when everyone is working on their thing simultaneously – in their element within the same space. Absorbed by your flow, you are buoyed by the quiet and focused collective energy of the room. Bask in this, and watch your work glow.

“A liar will not be believed, even when he speaks the truth.” – Aesop
Mercury in Pisces asks you to pause and ask yourself, “is there anything in my life or any aspect of myself that I deem unfair, wrong, or not meant for me?” If yes – follow up and determine how much of that is true; how much of that belief is helpful. If true – what is in your power to change? The theme of all of this is practicing wise discernment. Knowing your impulses and dissecting those unconscious beliefs. Pick your battles. It’s all about uncovering the truth.

“We take our bearings, daily, from others. To be sane is, to a great extent, to be sociable.” – John Updike
Pisces season lights you up with all kinds of creative urges: You want to socialise, meet new faces, dress to the nines (;)), and tell people who you are. This is wonderful – but don’t overdo it. Support yourself with intentional pauses throughout the busyness you have created for yourself, so that you don’t float too high off the ground. Ground yourself with staples: water, rest, good eats and time alone to process.

“My body little, my soul is heavy.” – Princess Nokia
The Pisces New Moon gives you a final push to face your own denial. You are really fucking terrified of something (a relationship or workplace confrontation?) but you don’t want to admit how real it is. Your prescription? Rip the bandaid off, experience the pain, and deal with the crux of the matter. This process moves you from dry desolate land to the fresh life-giving waters of truth.

“Wherever you go, go with all your heart.” – Confucious
This card, at this time, warms my Leo rising heart to behold. The Queen is here to remind you to protect your heart’s deepest desires. Share them with the natural world, let the universe know – whisper your wants to the moon, the sun, the birds and the breeze. Resist sharing them with any old soul. Be clear in your dealings with people who is for you and who is not. Do not mistake the delicacy of your heart for a lack of strength, my dear, for you possess a fierce spirit that knows how to protect itself powerfully. This part of you knows when to step in and interfere, it can sniff out intruders with cunning and spot an imposter from a mile away. Your dreams are being met with great universal support this month. The relationships and people who match that support will make themselves known to you. When they do, believe them.


“Play is the highest form of research.” – Albert Einstein
Pisces wants you to play. After the headiness of Aquarius season, it is time to shift your focus away from structures and towards improvisation. Turn your phone off, sit in the sandbox and get your hands dirty. Free-draw, stream-of-consciousness write, finger paint, run on the grass barefoot, frolick in the waves. Get silly, be messy and let it be unstructured. I promise this isn’t just an exercise in forcing you to be uncomfortable. There is something important – a revelation – waiting to be found in the depths of a playful attitude. Play in (and with) the purity of life. Choose your own adventures.

“To be soft is to be powerful.” – Rupi Kaur

March insists that you pause. The new moon stirred something significant to the surface of your system, and the debris is still floating about, waiting to hitch a ride somewhere safe. Do yourself a favour and look at your surrounding situation from a new and different perspective. Don’t DO anything with this information, just…Look. Taste. Sense. Watch. Listen. Feel. This month sparks a journey for you in mastering stillness, one that allows you to find your long-sought-after natural equilibrium. Breathe through any resistance to slowness, to waiting, to not-knowing-for-sure. Trust that the answer, the clarity, the restoration of balance will come. And when it does – recognise it.


“Forgiveness is taking the hook out of your own heart.” – Jessica Lanyadoo
Who do you need to forgive, Scorpio? I suspect it is yourself. You may feel pressure or longing to forgive but for whatever reason you do not feel ready. It is important to acknowledge that truth, whatever stage of forgiveness we are at, and forgive ourselves first for not being at the stage that we would like. Forgive yourself for resenting yourself for still being angry or hurt. Forgiveness is a process, not a destination, and is driven by active (but not forceful) practice. Forgiveness is for you, and forgiveness is freedom. It’s an act of self love.

“When I’m shining, every body gonna shine.” – Lizzo
Flowy, sensual, embodied movement is your prescription this month. Everything you commit to, every move you make, ever room you enter – do so with grounded purpose. Let your physicality lead the way as your head takes a back seat. Let yourself be seen. Let yourself be adored. Let yourself shine.

“Matters of great concern should be treated lightly.” – Yamamoto Tsunetomo
The medicine of this month is to hold big emotions with a light touch. It is time for you to create a safe environment to feel some deeply held emotions. This does not need to be scary or heavy. It can be supportive, lovely, healing, gentle. Let it be a soft, subtle experience. Let it be gradual. Slow emotional progress is still progress. As long as you don’t scare yourself off with too much pressure too fast, this shapes up to be a cathartic month for you.

“It can be both beautiful and horrible at the same time.” – J. Suskin
The truth that dwells at the centre of your fear becomes known. It watches you, silently. Your hands are shaky and fear reaching out to that still ball of anxiety. This situation demands a precise and calm approach: Time and space to feel seen, heard, understood and let free. Not let free to rule you; no. Free first to exist as it is, and then left to leave your system on its own. Your greatest challenge, and accomplishment, will be to let your fear let go of you.

“Know your power. Use your power. That’s all.” – Cleo Wade
The month asks you to be the fox. Quiet, focused, alert, sharp, soft-stepped. You are going after what you want. There is no reason to feel sneaky about living your destiny. Allow yourself to be fully in your quest, your hunt, for what you desire. If you’re into strategy – lean on your natural instincts, not on what others tell you to do. What works for you in life, career and business is completely and utterly unique to you. Allow your freak flag to fuel your decisions.