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“The future is made of the same stuff as the present.”
- Simone Weil

Tarot is a gateway to your intuition. If you’re looking for confirmation of a set-in-stone fate, I am not the reader for you. If you’re open to feeling into the energy of your future through the clarity of the present, LET’S TALK.

A reading with me is an opportunity to meet with your inner self. Its purpose is to connect you with your intuition and free will, and provide clarity around a chosen area of your life. The experience of a tarot reading allows you to make sense of the twists and turns of your journey thus far, and makes you keenly aware of the choices that are opening up for you as you move forward. I create the safety needed for you to feel seen, heard and understood. In a reading I draw upon my own intuition, life experience and connection to the archetypes of the Tarot. All readings include a grounding meditation, option to record the session, and photos of the cards.

Available online via Zoom.




“Go with yourself.” - Fiona Apple

If you long to lead a life guided by your intuition;
if you struggle with commitment or manifesting long-term goals;
if you’re not recieving the depth you need from traditional therapy;
if you find yourself trying to make sense of your many gifts and interests;
if you struggle to put your ideas and daydreams into action;
if you feel at war with yourself and want to learn to trust your gut;
if you struggle to set healthy boundaries with others;
if you want to face your demons and set yourself free—

this work is for you.

A Southern Spells Session offers a balance of structure and space, gently guiding you inward so you can reconnect with who you really are, release held or suppressed emotions and build a lifestyle that reflects your true essence. Tailored to your individual needs, experiencing a session is a wonderful way to dip your toe into personal healing work.

Sessions are 90 minutes long and blend Tarot Guidance with Mind/Body Counseling. A session will typically include inner guidance work, inner child healing, and breath awareness. I was inspired to create this work from my own healing journey and my studies in Transpersonal Spiritual Counseling.

Working together is a fluid, grounded co-creation between you and I. I am not the expert on you or your life. You are the expert on your energy, your emotions, your life and your process. I simply hold the space for you to remember who you are. Recieving this kind of support allows you to access the pieces of yourself that need healing, unraveling, and releasing. This work is life changing, life giving and entirely unique.


A package of 12 sessions over 4 months for those who struggle with long-term goal-setting, and want to recieve ongoing support. Whether you have a clear vision for your future or not, this package supports you in developing an intimate relationship with your intuitive and creative channels, so you can trust your gut and cultivate the courage needed to live your best life. Each package is tailored to your invidivual needs.

This offering is particularly suited to artists, creatives, entrepreneaurs, Manifesting Generators and highly sensitive people who desire change from the inside out and are willing to go deep with themselves

A different tarot card serves as an an intuitive anchor for each session. Each month centres on a different theme:

Month 1: Grounding + Embodiment
Month 2: Boundaries + Creative Expression
Month 3: Healing the Fear of Being Seen
Month 4: Clearing + Integration.

Saying yes to this package is saying yes to fully showing up for you. This is a sacred commitment to your work, the work that is your life. Making this commitment within the safety container of our sessions creates the conditions for a powerful transformation to take place within you. Working in this way helps you cultivate a deep level of trust and faith in yourself, and in the mystery of life itself.

The process includes 12 x 90 min sessions, weekly journalling homework and email support throughout. All sessions are recorded privately for you to refer back to at any time.

This offering is available online via Zoom.




This online community is a place where budding tarot readers, writers-at-heart and witches in search of their coven come together to learn tarot, strengthen their intuition, and show up to the creative muse.

This is a space that offers the support and safety of likeminded community and the inspiration needed to deepen your magical, creative or spiritual practice on your own. If you're in need of tarot mentorship, writing tools, creative accountability, or intuitive support, the Patreon is for you.

The spirit of this community says: you are not alone in your wandering, and you are actually wise as fuck. We see you and we're here to hold you. We honour you in all your wants and needs: your desire to learn, to create, your right to change your mind, and to trust your inner voice above the noise of others.

We are here to validate and support you in building a real relationship with mystery. This mystery is your creative, intuitive essence. It longs to dance with you, work with you, and ultimately guide you through life. Let's navigate the peaks and valleys of our intuitive and creative processes, alone and together.

There are three tiers in this Patreon universe to choose from; each designed to meet you exactly where you are. Go with your gut.

Welcome. Your presence means the world.




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