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“Go with yourself.” - Fiona Apple

A package of 12 sessions over 3 months
for individuals who want to integate their creativity, intuition, spirituality and ambition into their work. If you long to live a life guided by your creative energy and intuition; if you’re fed up with the way things are and want to remap the direction of your career; if you desire change from the inside out, this offering is for you.

This process is designed to support you in building safety in your relationship to your intuition and creativity, so that you can live and work in ways that fulfil and nourish you on a deep level. This work supports you in developing an intimate relationship with your intuitive and creative channels, and in cultivating the courage needed to share your soul work with the world.

Tailored to your individual needs, this package of sessions integrates tarot guidance with journaling exercises, inner child healing, energy work, transpersonal counselling techniques and meditation. This process also incorporates human design principles to assist you in building a daily routine, creative practice and body of work that reflects who you really are and supports your true nature.

This package is particularly suited to artists, writers, musicians, designers, business owners and healers who wish to unearth a true vision for their work and life, and are ready to commit to seeing it through.

A different tarot card serves as an an intuitive anchor for each session, and each month centres on a different theme:

Month 1: Grounding
Month 2: Creative Expression
Month 3: Being Seen.

The process includes 12 x 1.5 hour sessions and email support throughout.

What is it like to work together in this way?

Working together involves a commitment to yourself, and commitment to showing up to your work - the work that is your life. Making this commitment within the container of the healing partnership between us, creates the conditions for a powerful personal transformation. In this way, the work is a co-creation. It is a process of cultivating a deep level of trust and faith in self, in receiving support, and most of all in mystery; a deep respect and reverence for the unkown. Creativity and intuition thrive in the space of the unknown.

I am not the expert on you or your life. You are the expert on your energy, your emotions, your process. I simply hold the space for you to access the pieces of yourself that need healing, holding, and space to feel.Working with me is a kind of hybrid experience; it is like working with an energy healer / counsellor / intuitive mentor / creative coach rolled into one. This work is entirely unique and is fluid, evolving, ever-changing. My work comes from the heart of me and reflects my deep value of art, creativity, empathy, intuition, beauty, safety and freedom for all. It draws upon the work I have done personally with @bluestarguidance over the past three years, as well as my studies in hatha and yin yoga, meditation, creative writing and transpersonal spiritual counselling.

This offering is available online via Zoom.
Total cost is $2000 over 3 months. Payment plans are available.