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I joined the Southern Spells Writer Patreon when it first launched. I felt called to join because procrastination has always been a hurdle for me, and I loved the idea of dedicating at least 1 hour a week to actually write. The Writer Patreon has been such an asset. Every week, Sophia creates an expansive, safe, and magical place for us. When I joined, I expected to write, but I did not expect to find a new creative freedom, a supportive community, and a deepening relationship to myself. 


I am so glad I joined Southern Spells' Patreon (Coven). It's been incredibly helpful to continue learning and growing with the Tarot and with other amazing women.  Sophia is a grounded, supportive and gentle teacher who is always there for extra support. 


Come & join our coven! Sophia is a badass witch who manages to stay gentle. Offering so much wisdom and guidance and just a vibeee. This community has become so close to my heart through the shit storm that is this year. You will not regretti.