a tarot circle

Thursday September 12

6:30 – 8pm

Temple North Bondi


+ longing for a magical community?

+ keen to connect to your intuition more?

+ curious about tarot as a tool for creativity & healing?

Ritual Union welcomes you.

Ritual Union is a community circle where tarot is our teacher. Created for people from all walks of life who want to deepen their relationship to this transformative art form & self-care ritual. Once a month we meet to share insight, explore archetype, foster thoughtful discussion and cultivate a personal tarot practice alongside likeminded peers.

Ritual Union is a space to connect to your inner witch*, play around with the cards & develop your relationship to intuition. This group is a space where curiosity, experimentation, humour and diverse perspectives are celebrated.

Led by Sophia Somerville of Southern Spells, think of this tarot circle as the intuitive study-support group you didn’t know you needed.

Each event centres on a different theme, the first being THE HERMIT for September.

Over the coming months we will explore reading for oneself, rituals for creating sacred space, card meanings, the elements, numerology & astrology in the tarot, journaling through the cards, experimenting with spreads, tarot in art & pop culture, embodying archetypal energy, and more.

BYO Tarot deck** + Journal. Tea + Pens provided.

* witch = a genderless term to describe someone who chooses to work with both the seen and unseen worlds, and who values the freedom to be oneself.

** If you don’t have a deck and would like to attend, email me sfsomerville@gmail.com and I’ll set one aside for you (there are limited spares available).