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Tarot Q & A

I get asked different versions of the following questions a lot. I thought it was time I shared some of my current thoughts on each of them. (Remember - you are free to take or leave anything I say - I'm just another human who doesn't know shit!) Questions originally posed to me by the lovely women of The Wayward co. Let's dive in...

1. What advice would you give to someone who has never had a reading? (can you speak to when is a good time to seek out a reading, types of questions you can ask the tarot and how to prepare?)

My main advice is to lean into your curiosity, and also take your fear with you. if you have trepidations about Tarot, voice it to the reader. They are there to support you, not dictate the experience to you. Go to a reader who you feel drawn to in some way, and feel comfortable with. Ask what you really want to ask, even if you feel silly or unsure of yourself. Tell the reader as clearly as you can what you want from the reading (even if it’s as simple as ‘I want to be open to the messages that come through today’) and be open to receiving it. Ask if you can record the reading, or take notes if that’s more your thing. A good time to seek a reading is when you feel attracted to tarot, but not desperate for a quick fix. 

Other ideal times are when you’re at a crossroads, in transition, or feel like you’re stuck in the same cycle. I often seek out a reading when I need an injection of inspiration, hope, or a reminder of what’s good for me. I don’t believe there are any wrong questions to ask, but I would suggest steering yourself away from all or nothing or concrete statements like ‘will I get this promotion / how many kids am I going to have’ and craft questions that feel like openings: What do I need to let go of in order to move into the next phase of my life? How can I move through this difficulty with the most ease? What message do I need to hear right now? What is the energy of this this job / move / relationship / project / home? Why does xyz keep happening? What blessings are on their way to me? What themes and lessons are in store for me this year?

Most of all, listen to your gut. Take what resonates, leave the rest on the table.

2. What are the biggest misconceptions about tarot?

That it tells a concrete future. That it’s only for ‘woo-woo’ people. That it’s evil. It’s also a mistake to think there’s one way to read tarot, or that a reader knows more than you do. YOU are the one who knows you best – the reader is just a messenger, and a human one. Don’t be putting them on a pedestal.

I’m also very much over the whole myth of ‘you have to be gifted your first deck’ – utter bullshit. If you are gifted one, great. But it doesn’t mean you have to keep using that deck if you don’t like it, or wait around for someone to buy you one.

3. What is your favourite card?

This changes – but at the moment I am loving the Queen of Pentacles. She reminds me to take care of my body and enjoy my physical life. I also have a real soft spot for the Fool, which I have been pulling quite frequently of late. It’s presence in a reading gives me this wise sense of hope; a childlike willingness to get up and keep going.

4. What is your favourite spread?

I love Sarah Faith Gottesdiener’s spreads. There is one designed to use at New Moons, which I abbreviate to five cards:

1. What will the flavour of this lunar cycle be?

2. What is being cleared away, and what can I consciously let go of?

3. What new story is being written, and how can I write it?

4. What magical or spiritual practices will help support my momentum?

5. How will my spirit guides or future self show up to guide me?

5. What is your favourite deck?

For client readings I adore Neo Tarot, by Jerico Mandybur & Dai Ruiz. For personal use I love She Wolfe, by Devany Wolfe.

6. Each Monday you share a weekly card pull on IGTV. What’s the best way to work with the card?

I love my weekly IGTV ritual. The community card provides a theme of sorts for the week ahead - it's less of a prediction for the events that will follow, and rather a suggestion for where to place your attention and curiosity in your day to day life. I offer some ways to work with the card of the week below:

    • screenshot the card / take the visuals in as well as my words
    • journal about what you see and feel from the card, what it reminds you of
    • be open to being in relationship to the card and to receiving its wisdom
    • pay attention to how you receive messages – they may come in unexpected forms in your life eg through other people, overheard conversations, songs, environments, memories, advice
    • open up a conversation with the card - let it know your intention (if you have one) for the week, and ask how it can help you fulfil it or further it
    • pay attention to the little things, clues, signs in your inner and outer life, that relate in some way, however abstract.
    • alternatively, just enjoy the video, and let the card work on you passively. there are no right or wrongs here, and everyone has a different pace.