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Getting a reading from you is like talking with a wise, insightful, compassionate and truthful old friend who can see the past, present and future. It addressed some of my deepest blocks but still left me feeling empowered and inspired to take action. It was a very moving experience. I know I will be back!’

-  Natalie, Los Angeles

Sophia and her readings always leave me feeling lighter, yet with my feet firmly grounded, confident of the direction I’m heading in, no matter the circumstances. Her readings are always done with a deep level of passion, grace and care for her clients. The advice and wisdom she sends you feels like steady grounded advice from a friend, mixed with a high level of intuition of the ether, your mind, body and soul. Can not recommend enough!
-  Elizabeth, Sydney

Sophia is a naturally gifted guide. Her words resound long after a reading and re-listening to the recordings gives me so much joy and juicy bits to keep digging into. I left the last reading feeling simultaneously grounded and weightless, Sophia supported me through my realisations and encouraged me to delve deeper without explicitly saying so. This was my second reading with her and it certainly won’t be my last.
-  Hayley, Sydney

‘Your magic is special and deeply appreciated.’
-  Hannah, Montreal