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We are in sagittarius season, a time of expansion, intense movement, rising truths and communion with the outside world. It's been a bit of a whirlwind, and I haven't felt very connected to the tarot card that represents Sagittarius (Temperance) until now. Temperance embodies an attitude of finding order in chaos. Of allowing. Of patience. It signals an ability to hold and merge opposites, find meaning in loss, and dance through pain.
There is an alchemy that is born now we are out of Scorpio and in the midst of our journey through Temperance. Something new is created when we allow things to be as they are, when we let life happen and still rise up as ourselves -- it is a subtle form of magic, one that forms an opening to the next phase of our experience (which we will jump into just before Christmas when the Sun enters Capricorn). For now, meditate on all that you have experienced and learned in the month of November. Allow the truths of this time to bubble up in you and make their way into your expressions.

Let it out and let it be.

artwork by bobby clarke