‘Getting a reading from you is like talking with a wise, insightful, compassionate and truthful old friend who can see the past, present and future. It addressed some of my deepest blocks but still left me feeling empowered and inspired to take action.  It was a very moving experience. I know I will be back!’ 
-  Natalie, Los Angeles

‘Thrilling,  joyous, heartwarming and with a sense of recognition...also incredibly life-affirming.’
-  Yvette, Melbourne

'It is a good feeling to know that someone can look at my life from the outside and see that there is value. Thank you so much! To have this reinforcement I think will really help me move forward.'  
-  Faraday, Melbourne

‘I feel AMAZING & INSPIRED & EXCITED & STRONG & SUPPORTED & SEEN & VERY LUCKY. So many pearls of wisdom & inspiration  to process & appreciate. You’re a wonder.’ 
-  Meg, Sydney

‘This reading has done me wonders. Thanks for always bringing the magic.’ 
-  Brittney, Melbourne

‘Everything you read I needed to hear.’ 
-  Megan, Sydney

‘Your magic is special and deeply appreciated.’
-  Hannah, Montreal