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The Gift of Being Multifaceted

‘Jack of All Trades, Master of None’

This saying has haunted me for too long.

As a child, I was drawn to so much in life, and didn’t think twice about what that ‘meant’ about me. I liked books and gel pens, making potions and listening to Patsy Cline, talking to adults and playing with kids my own age. I oscillated between being good and being cheeky, dying to go on an adventure and desperately needing cosy comforts; one moment painfully shy and next minute sharing boldly. Like most children I was blissfully unaware of what my interests and behaviours said about me; I simply engaged with what I loved in the ways that felt good to me. All for the sake of pure enjoyment. And still, I vaguely sensed that this bliss was not reserved for adults.

As an adolescent, I continued to unknowingly explore and express my contradictions. I was a devoted student and quiet rebel. I liked Sex and the City and All About Eve. Britney Spears and Lord of The Rings. I was a loner and part-time social butterfly. I took care with my essays and recklessly went clubbing on weekends. I was both drawn to and detested by academia. I cared about getting good grades but only in the things that I liked. I chose only subjects I was interested in, something that teachers often undermined me for. I had no desire for a strategy or backup plan for my life after school beyond going travelling, eager to explore my interests in the big bad world. I was told I was foolish for making choices based on my feelings or preferences. That quiet rebel in me, hungry to prove those voices wrong, worked hard in the subjects I loved most, and got a 98 in my final exams. And yet, proving myself was almost missing the point.

As an adult, I have struggled to integrate all of my interests and desires into a neat package; choosing to run with my willingness to express many of them out loud, messily and simultaneously. I have studied creative writing and yoga teaching. I’ve worked in retail management, administration, childcare and advertising. For a moment there I was a life drawing model and a sketch comedian.

It has taken cumulative healing work to come to terms with my non-linear career path, but I am proud to say that today I really do experience my multi-faceted-ness as an asset. I experience more ease, luck, connection and flow when I sink into it, work with it, make room for it and go with my natural flavour. For a long time I would talk down to myself, speak about my career in a self-deprecating manner to others, and dread being questioned about ‘What I Do’. Now, I don’t really give a fuck. I’m not interested in trying to be normal. I’m interested in being myself. I’m interested in deep fulfilment.

Many of my clients express a deep, almost secret desire to explore the many aspects of themselves and their interests, but are held back by a fear being seen as ‘lost’, ‘flaky’, uncommitted’, ‘greedy’ or ‘childish’. Through years of absorbing societal and familial conditioning that basically says ‘pick a thing and stick to it if you wanna succeed in life’, they cut themselves off from their wholeness, sacrificing one or more parts of themselves for the sake of appearing ‘consistent’ ‘uncomplicated’ ‘normal’ or ‘an expert’. This loss is devastating, and without the proper support can go unchecked for a lifetime.

What if you didn’t have to live a life of sacrifice anymore?

What if there was another, far more spacious and inclusive way of being in the world?

What would it be like to feel infinite permission to explore all parts of yourself with curiosity?

What would it bring to your life to be able to express your multifaceted nature without apology?

What if your greatest gift to the world is your multifaceted, multipassionate, non-linear nature?

What would it be like to banish the myth of being a ‘jack of all trades, master of none?’ from your vocabulary, from your life, from your concept of self from this day forward?

I am here to empower you to own and embody your multifaceted nature, for it is your greatest gift. You do not have to ‘pick a lane’. You are your own lane.

Today I am a writer and a tarot reader. A student and a teacher. A virtual assistant and a soon-to-be counselor. A business owner and a baby witch. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. I have infinite aspects to explore and many dreams to realise. You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

Next time you are haunted by the ‘jack of all trades’ ghost, tell it to fuck right off. If you need help with that (I did, and still do), I would love to lend my support.

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