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Do you want to awaken your creative energy?

Are you longing for dedicated time and space to write?

Are you looking for structure to support your creative expression?

Do you need accountability when it comes to your self care practices?

Welcome to my virtual writing group, hosted weekly on zoom at 1:00pm every Saturday.

In a nutshell, this group involves 90 minutes of silent writing time (you can use it to journal, work on a project or write a love letter -  whatever the heck you want!) Each week we'll open with an intention-setting invocation, and close with a reflective meditation. There will also be optional writing prompts and a scheduled tea-break in the middle.

I think we can all agree this is a fucking weird time to be alive. We’re collectively experiencing something for the first time, all in our own individual bubbles of specificity. We need places to process privately, and unite communally. We need spaces that can hold us in expressing our feelings and ideas without the necessity of others witnessing them intimately. We need spaces to unravel and express ourselves, to release the internal gunk from our systems out onto the page, within the safety of our own rooms. We need accountability to keep our channels open.

In this weekly writing group, we’ll hold the intention of showing up to the page, to the muse, and expressing whatever wants to come through on that particular that day. I will offer visual and language-based prompts to support any writer’s block, but how you choose to use the silent writing time together is really up to you. Perhaps there’s a writing project or task you have been putting off or procrastinating on that you really want to sink your teeth into. This is your time. Use it.

No previous writing experience is necessary, and I'll be guiding you through each week. You can write by hand or on your computer. Whatever suits you. You are welcome to bring ANYTHING along to the group that helps you feel safe and supported and gets you in touch with your creative energy and into the groove of your writing process: eg. a tea/coffee, wine/water, snack/joint, blankie, candle, hot water bottle, music, fabulous robe...Set yourself up for maximum comfort and enjoyment. Writing is uncomfortable enough; we may as well add as much pleasure to the pot as possible.

Let’s write our little hearts out together.